Keepin the dream alive


Well I’m sad to say it just took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to LOG IN to post!!  That is incredibly sad to me because my original vision in deciding to expand my personal training services included sitting in my bed, dreaming, blogging, and reflecting.  I am not in need for topics I am in need for TIME!  Not so much actual time I have down time but by the time I get there I’m so tired, stung out and have carried so much that literally all I can do is stare at a wall and think “what in the world is next?”  Not in an excited I can’t wait to live life kind of way but in a I have no energy to carry on with daily living kind of way.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in feeling that I just can’t keep up! 

So for the time being I am putting all the projects I have on hold, they will get done in their own time.  I am without easy access to a gym for a week and just finished writing a 4 week training program.  Perfect time to physically rest.  So mind is free to dream, body is free to rest, and my soul where is my soul?  That my friends is where I’m at.  Taking time to dream without putting expectations on myself.  Without passion behind the fire the flame dies.  Oh, that was deep…right!?

I have always preached ‘balance’ and used to be really good at living that out.  The thing is when what you have been working for seems so at reach it’s hard to put it down.  So here I am putting it all down in hopes to keep the dream alive.  I refuse to live life passion-less, and I also refuse to put out less than quality work.

If there is a reset button in life I’m pressing it.   Dream on!


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